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Remote Areas Toilets

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Remote Areas Toilets

Posted Date: April 4, 2005
Specifications: Product description: General The portable composting toilet bio-wc processes human wastes biologically, functions without water, electricity, or sewerage. Utilises atmospheric oxygen using the wind and solar energy(heatand radiation), and can be transported to a different location at any time, using a trailer or truck. Description Bio-wc unit consists of the septic tank for collection of the wastes, the ventilation - evaporation system, and the cabin. In the septic tank for collection of the wastes the wastes initially fall through the toilet hole onto a metal surface. A swab moves back and forth over this metal surface with the movement of the door of the cabin. With each opening/closing of the door, the swab, cleans the surface, so that the next user will not have visual contact with the wastes; in other words, it replaces the flush of a conventional toilet. The tank is equipped with a lid for the removal of wastes. This renders the maintenance, cleaning, and disinfecting of the toilet a simple and speedy process


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